• Grissini Bread Stick
    Grissini & Breadsticks

    Grissini, in another word bread sticks, is originated in Italy. It is dried baked bread in different diameter and size.

    Although similar to Italian Grissini, Turkish breadsticks are somewhat chunkier, although just as crunchy. They are mostly sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds, or maybe made using fennel seeds, which gives them a noticeable anise flavor.

    In order to produce Turkish breadsticks in uniform shape, Sarmaşık offers GAL Series Grissini Moulders.

    GAL140 Semi-Automatic Grissini Moulder is an economic model while GAL 170 Automatic Grissini Moulder is more professional system for grissini production. Both systems enable bakers to produce perfectly shaped grissini with 8, 10, 12 mm in thickness.

    In order to produce grissini with GAL Series Grissini Moulder Machines, HA580 Dough Sheeter is required for dough sheeting and cutting process. Grissini is baked on grissini trays. Proofing systems and bakery oven model/size defined based on the production capacity and customer`s requirements.

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