Privacy Policy

This Cookie Policy ("Policy") is drafted to be posted at, the address of the web site run by SARMAŞIK MAKİNA SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş., (“Sarmaşık Makina”) a company with principal place of business at Huzur Mahallesi Menderes Cad.No.7 4.Levent Sarıyer Istanbul.

Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about the procedures and rules where Sarmaşık Data may process, collect, share and protect personal data of our users that we collect during their visits to our web site. Privacy Policy is related to our Personal Data Policy and Cookie Policy, and they should be read and evaluated together.


Sarmaşık Makina may obtained data of you, site visitors, and may transfer/ disclose them to third parties under this Privacy Policy. During the transfer of the data of site visitors, we will be complying with the applicable legislation and legal regulations as well as conditions imposed by, or contracts executed with, third parties.

This Privacy Policy describes privacy principles undertaken by Sarmaşık Makina and does not reflect the privacy policies of third parties to whom such data are transferred.  This Privacy Policy does not cover the practices beyond the control of Sarmaşık Makina, data collected by third party web sites and platforms, data collected over links to third party sites at Sarmaşık Makina’s web site or headings, campaigns or other advertisements or promotions of third party web sites to which Sarmaşık Makina has participated. Sarmşık Makina shall not be held liable for actions taken by third parties in connection with personal data collected, stored or used by them via their web sites.


Sarmaşık Makine may collect your various data during the use of this web site.  Among these data, some of which are considered personal data, are your name, ID number, address, phone number, IP address, product or service purchase details, payment details, our web site pages viewed by you, your mobile device that you use for visiting, and data that help the web site remember your mobile phone during your visit as well as all kinds of other that that we may get from third parties upon your explicit consent or that you explicitly agree and consent in writing to provide to us.  You can access detailed information about the processing of t your personal data that you have transferred to us and recorded by us during your use of our website from Web Site Clarification Text.


Cookies are used at our web site to track user preferences.  Cookies are tiny files left embedded at the hard disc of your computer. Cookies allow the web site visited by you to store data at your device and to use such data during your next visit.  We kindly ask you to read our Cookie Policy for cookies used at our web site and we hereby inform you that you can use our web site without cookies by adjusting your settings.


Sarmaşık Makina may change the contents of this Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion with the intention to update privacy and data protection principles and to ensure their conformity with the applicable legislation,. The amended Privacy Policy shall be posted at the web site of Sarmaşık Makina. You can have access to the most current version of the Privacy Policy by visiting  In the case that you continue to use services and/ or practices of Sarmaşık Makina, you will be assumed to have accepted the changes. The Privacy Policy amended by Sarmaşık Makina shall become effective upon its publication at the web site.