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“Sarmaşık," Surrounding the World from Gebze

Sarmaşık Group, working for the industrial bakery sector with the awareness that the road to universalism passes from being local first. This time, it is narrated by journalist Mr. Kamil Karamehmet's pen. Click to read the news.

Covid List
The Importance of Industrial Bakeries During Covid-19

Industrial bakeries did not let anyone lack of bread during the Covid-19 pandemic, which imprisoned almost the entire world at home.

A Success Story: ÖZMA

Our precious customer ÖZMA Unlu Mamuller Gıda San. Ltd. Şti., is one of the leading industrial bakeries, who produces untouched bread, buns and bakery products in Turkey.

Letsgo Kucuk
Thermo-Oil Heating System

Thermo-Oil Heating System is a system using the energy efficiently at maximum level and guarantees perfect baking quality through its smooth and optimal heath transfer features.