Thermo-Oil Heating System
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Thermo-Oil Heating System

Thermo-Oil Heating System is a system using the energy efficiently at maximum level and guarantees perfect baking quality through its smooth and optimal heath transfer features.

Thermo-oil ovens bake with a very mild radiation heat therefore bread products preserve more moisture inside which results in longer product shelf life. Plus, thermo-oil ovens provide uniform baking temperature without any temperature peaks which means it not only ensures perfect baking results but also it saves energy. Compared to other baking systems, approximately 10% energy saved with thermo-oil heating systems.

In addition, heat exchanger is not mounted on the oven thermo-oil ovens. It is a separate unit, which is sized based on project capacity and requirements. Consistent and even baking is guaranteed by Thermo-Oil Heating System, which ensures optimal heath transfer through radiators.

Besides, several ovens can be heated by one oil-tank, on which only one gas or diesel burner mounted as well as one chimney is connected.

Thermo-oil system can be used for stone-hearth ovens as well as mesh-belt ovens.

TNO Series Single Deck Thermo-Oil Tunnel Ovens has mesh-belt conveying systems which enables us to bake products in tins and trays. TNO Series designed for industrial bakeries for high capacity continuous production.

THERMOIL_K Series Thermo-Oil Deck Ovens are very suitable for artisan products with open structure. A lot of moisture is retained in the products, while in the meantime sides and bottom of the product very stable when baked on the stone.

As far as rack ovens are concerned, we have introduced THEMOIL_S Series Thermo-Oil Fixed Rack Ovens to medium-sized market professionals. There are several different sizes range from 6.72 sqm up to 11.52 sqm baking surface. If you require high-capacity production within a limited space THEMOIL_S Series is one of the optimal solutions for you.

What type of products can be baked with thermo-oil system?

You can bake any type of bakery products with thermo-oil system such as bread, buns and rolls, cookies, cake and muffin etc. Smooth and gentle baking principle of Thermo-oil System enable us to produce so many varieties with perfect baking results.

Thermo-oil baking principal serve the best and most efficient baking results among all baking systems in the market.

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