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    Sarmaşık Supermarket Solutions

    Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Megastores are self –service shops offering wide range of products including bakery and pastry products. Today, self-service shops are not only selling products but also, they build their own concept and style to offer quality and fresh food products to attract more customers.

    Therefore, bakery divisions are built and designed accordingly. Therefore, Sarmaşık Group offers functional solutions with special designed products and layout plans for the production of bread, buns and rolls, cake, muffin, croissant and any other bakery products in limited areas in such places.

    Sarmaşık Supermarket Solutions, which enable the production of a wide variety of products by starting from scratch or using both frozen dough and ready mixes with a small number of personnel, are designed on the basis of maximum efficiency in narrow spaces

    Rotor Series Rack Ovens, MODULAR Series Electrical Deck Ovens, Mini Series Convection Ovens and MODEN_K Series Deck Ovens and VECTRA Series Deck Ovens are mostly preferred ovens for Supermarket Bakery Projects. For dough processing division, Sarmaşık SX Series Stationary Spiral Mixers, Bread Make-Up Systems, Baguette Moulder, GAL Series Grissini Moulders and Dough Sheeter are some usually preferred.