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A Leading Brand That Has Rooted The World

Taking its first step in the sector in 1974 in Istanbul, Sarmaşık Makina started to shape the future with its second factory in Kocaeli in 1995 and to make a name for itself with the technologies developed.

Today, Sarmaşık Group offers services to many different countries with the same quality and performance, and promises professional cooperation with its 4 companies; offers products and services that make a difference with its aspects.

Sarmaşık Makine Sanayi Ve Tic. AŞ – Kocaeli, Türkiye 3
Sarmaşık Makina Sanayi ve Tic. AŞ – Kocaeli, Turkey

Sarmaşık Makina Sanayi ve Tic. AS. is manufacturing company for complete turn-key solutions for bakery industry. Since 1974, it has been responding to needs and requirements of bakeries with its high-tech baking technologies. Sarmaşık designs and manufactures high-quality, heavy-duty and environment friendly bakery ovens and bakery equipment for the industry.

Today Sarmaşık innovative technology and problem-solving abilities help its customers, helping them to solve their baking challenges.

Sarmaşık Isı Sanayi Ve Tic. AŞ – İstanbul, Türkiye 3
Sarmaşık Isı Sanayi ve Tic. AŞ – Istanbul, Turkey

Since 1993, Sarmaşık Isı San. ve Tic. As. has been dealing with import and export activities.

By exporting Sarmaşık brand more than 100+ countries all around the world, Sarmaşık Isi San. Tic. As. has an immense contribution to group success globalizing the Sarmaşık brand.

Sarmatek Corporation – Boston, ABD 3
Sarmatek Corporation – Boston, U.S.A.

Sarmatek Corporation, established in 2000 is the authorized sales & marketing company which also provides after sales service in North America.

Through Sarmatek, we focus on our customer needs, requirements and challenges in that region.