Sarmaşık Group Essentials
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The Sarmaşık Group,

To manufacture and support bakery equipment that is:

  • Used for healthy and tasty bread and bakery production
  • High-quality, efficient and leading edge
  • Flexible and customer-centric
  • Environmentally conscious and human safety-focused

To be the world leader in the provision of innovative technologies in the bakery industry focused on positive global environmental and health contribution.

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We believe success come through customer satisfactions and happiness.

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Code of Conduct

Sarmaşık promotes innovation in baking technologies through our commitment to the superb standards of ethical and responsible business conduct. Our culture is built upon accountability to our core ethical values of Reliability, Honesty, Integrity, Innovation & Creativity, Respect and Responsibility, Fairness and Environmentalism.

Sarmaşık Group code of conduct underlines our shared obligation to enhance and advance our ethical culture and protect our reputation. It applies to all working in Sarmaşık Group.

Being a part of global markets, Sarmaşık is thinking global; recognizes its responsibilities, respects human rights and diversity.

Sarmaşık Group must be true to core ethical values in every aspects of business operations.


SARMAŞIK GROUP is faithful and devoted to his obligations and duties of his companies though dedication, responsibility and loyalty.

Sarmaşık's Commitment to Environment

At every stage of Sarmaşık products` life, Sarmaşık strives to protect the environment through reducing energy use and minimizing waste. Sarmaşık's commitment to the environment extends to all areas of its operations.

Sarmaşık's Commitment to Quality

Each employee in every area maintains a constant and strong awareness of issues and sense of ownership and makes ongoing efforts to implement continuous improvement and to collaborate closely with personnel in other fields to enhance customer satisfaction and better baking and processing performance.

Sarmaşık's Commitment to Customer

Sarmaşık's “Customer First” principle leads us to be committed to needs and requirement of the customers. No matter how big it is, each customer is a source of information that lead us to design and develop products to answer their needs and requirements. Sarmaşık is dedicated to solving challenges of the customers.